Check Yo' Site

The 1-hour live audit & review of the words on your site

Wondering why your website isn’t selling more?
Why aren’t people booking?

You, you entrepreneurial small business owner, want your website to work for you.
But right now, it’s not. Or it’s not working hard enough for you.

People are visiting your site…
Yet those conversions just aren’t happening.

So how do you entice people to buy?
How do you get people to contact you for a quote?
Or make a booking?

You know you need to do something with the words on your site, but hiring a copywriter is out of the budget right now…

Imagine if you could have a copywriter look over the words on your site and tell you what you can do to improve it.

You’ve already written your copy (yay you – the hard part is done!)

And now you just want a fresh pair of expert eyes to take a little look-see at your site (without the expense of paying for a copywriter to rewrite your whole site).

Wouldn’t it be so super helpful to get actionable tips and insights to improve your site yourself – so you can start getting more client bookings from your hard-working website?

Well, I have the perfect solution for you:

Check Yo’ Site

[the website copy audit]

Book your Check Yo’ Site session, and we’ll audit and review the words on your site in a 1-hour Skype call.

After our session you’ll have:


A complete copy audit of 3 pages on your site

Home, About, Work With Me / Services overview page*


Actionable, practical tips & advice for your site

You can start making improvements immediately


A recording of your session

You can review the advice again, and again, and again!

*And if time is on our side, we’ll go through your other web pages too!


If you’ve ever thought about hiring a copywriter for your website but decided it was too expensive right now…

… Then Check Yo’ Site is the next best thing.


You get to pick the brain of a website copywriter for a full hour. You’ll walk away with stacks of expert tips and advice to optimise your site for conversions (which you can use forever!)

I learnt a lot of new and helpful information in our hour together!

Mel's Check Yo' Site service is incredible.

She took the time to understand me and my business before our meeting. She has wonderful attention to detail and her analysis of my website was so thorough.

The best part for me was that for every suggestion she made, she explained the reason behind it. I learnt a lot of new and helpful information in our hour together!

Mel is a lot of fun to work with, she made the whole experience enjoyable (which is not always the case when someone is analysing the hard work you've put into your website!).

I would definitely recommend getting your website checked by Mel!

Carrie Rigoni

Owner, Wild & Free Boxes

Here’s what happens from beginning to end

Step 1:

Click the booking button below to send me your details.
You’ll get an email from me with a link to my calendar. Bookings are only available Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
Book a time that suits you, and then you’ll get your invoice (which you have 24 hours to pay).

Step 2:

Fill in the pre-session questionnaire.
Think of any questions you have for me (you have me for a full hour – make the most of it!)

Step 3:

We hold your 1-hour Skype session; you get an audit of your website + advice and tips for improvement.
We review at least 3 pages (Home, About, Work With Me / Services Overview page).
You get cheat sheets to help you improve the other pages even if we don’t get to cover them in our Skype session.

Step 4:

You get your call recording, checklists, and cheat sheets.
You go ahead and start making improvements IMMEDIATELY.

Check Yo’ Site is available at a super special introductory price of $100.

I learned so much about writing effective copy for my audience

My site audit with Mel was a great experience.

I learned so much about writing effective copy for my audience and the way that my site needed to function in order to make sense to users.

Mel provided some really helpful tips about ways to increase conversions and build confidence. And got my copy tight!

I highly recommend Mel's skills and experience. It was well worth spending the time with her. Thanks, Mel!

Gemma Thomson

Owner, Dung Beetles for Dogs

Bookings are only available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

There’s a 2-week wait for bookings.

Do yourself a favour and ‘Check Yo’ Site!'

The Check Yo’ Site audit with Mel was such a great experience - she spends an hour with you on Skype and gives heaps of advice on how you can improve your website copy. She records the session for you, but I wrote pages of notes as we went along, then I took a couple of hours to update my site with the recommended copy changes.

I highly recommend this service; updating my copy professionally was something that was on my 'to do' list for ages and I am so happy with the results now.

The copy is much more customer-focused and shows my clients what I can do for THEM. Love it, thanks, Mel. Do yourself a favour and ‘Check Yo’ Site!'

Paula Rodgers

Owner, Flux Digital

I am over the full moon with it all!

Working with Mel feels like a solid, friendly partnership. She’s prompt and efficient – she just gets it done! And she was always willing to offer ideas and suggestions for all aspects of my business and marketing.

If you need a copywriter, I’d definitely recommend Mel. I was so satisfied with her copy and enjoyed the experience so much, I’ve worked with her on several projects now!

Skye Flowstreym

Owner, Skye Flowstreym

You can cancel any time before your Skype session

If you change your mind, or something comes up, and you have to fly to the moon…
I’ll refund your money.
No questions asked.

Still have a QUESTION or two?


What is Check Yo' Site?

It’s a 1-hour Skype session: A live audit and review of your website copy by a website copywriter! You get actionable, practical insights and advice for your site.

What isn’t it?

I will not be re-writing your copy. You’ll be doing that after we talk. (Or maybe you’ll only need to make some tweaks here and there.)
What you will get is some stellar advice and tips that you can use over and over again to improve your copy… always.

How long is my session?

1 hour.
We hold the session via Skype. And you get to keep a recording of the call, so you can listen to my sage advice over and over.

Can I get extra stuff to help me fix my site?

Yes, you sure can. I’ll give you checklists and cheat sheets to help you optimise your site after we’ve spoken (as well your call recording).

A website copy audit for service-based small businesses

What kind of 1:1 service-based small businesses?

You could be a:


Graphic Designer


Web Designer


Web Developer




Business Coach


Life Coach


Health practitioner




And ANYTHING in between

If you provide a 1:1 service and have clients – then this one’s for you.

What makes me qualified to help you improve your website?

I’m Mel Ellis, and I’m the founder of Flair Copy… and I’m a website copywriter.

You’re a small business owner? And you want to attract your dream clients? And get more bookings from said clients? Well, you’re in luck because helping small businesses is my jam.

And Check Yo’ Site? I created it because I wanted to find more ways to help small business owners. It’s the perfect way for me to share my knowledge and experience (and also to talk – I do so love to talk!) while helping you in a totally impactful way 🙂

I’m now receiving more enquiries and bookings from the clients that I want.

Everything they need to know and every question they have, it’s in the copy. All they do now is simply book – it’s so easy!

I would definitely encourage every small business owner to invest in copywriting now. This is a specialised field and the words that are created are so much more powerful than what we could ever come up with. There’s a huge difference between us simply putting words together and a copywriter conveying our message.

Lorna van Hilst

Owner, Lorna van Hilst Photography

Get a fresh pair of eyes to help you fix the words on your website


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