The Top 9 Reasons Why You Need A Copywriter

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Chances are, you happily outsource the things you know you can’t do.

  • An accountant to submit your tax returns
  • A graphic designer to create your logo
  • A web developer to build your website
  • A photographer to take your business portraits


But if you’re a small business owner, you’re no doubt trying to save dollars wherever you can. So that means doing the things you think you can or should do.

You do your admin, even though you’re too busy to do non-revenue-generating tasks.

And you write your copy – because you learnt how to write in school. Easy place to save some money.

But is writing your copy something you should leave to an expert?


The Top 9 Reasons Why You Need A Copywriter for your business



Technically speaking, we can all write. Right? We did indeed learn how to do that in school.

But that doesn’t mean it comes easily to us. Nor does it mean we can all write well.

So, if you’d rather have coffee with Donald Trump than write your newsletter or a new page for your website – it’s time to bite the bullet and hire a professional copywriter to write for you.

And if saving you from coffee with The Donald isn’t motivation enough, here are another nine reasons why you need a copywriter in your life.

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1. Writing is not your thing

Let’s face it; writing can be HARD.

Staring at a blank white page. A blinking cursor constantly reminding you of your failure to put words on the page. That’s a lot of pressure.

Save yourself the worry and let a copywriter do it for you. You’ve got more important things to do. Like running your business. Or watching YouTube videos.


2. To save your time and your money (so you can focus on what you do best)

If writing’s not your thing, chances are it takes you ages to get your thoughts down on paper.

And while you’re spending your precious time writing, you’re also wasting money. Because you’re not doing what you do best – doing your client work or running your business.

A professional copywriter is a wizard with words (and able to whip your copy into winning shape much faster than you can).


3. To get a fresh perspective (you’re too close to it)

You know how something makes sense to you, or sounds good in your head but doesn’t come across so well on paper?

Yeah, that’s because you’re way too close to it. You understand your business intimately. But your customers don’t.

A copywriter will bring a much-needed fresh perspective to your content writing. And help identify any gaps or areas that don’t sound quite right.


4. You need SEO-friendly website copy

So on top of this whole writing thing stressing you out, you’ve got Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to worry about. As if you needed more on your plate.

SEO is a tricky beast at the best of times. There’s on-page SEO (the stuff your readers see) and off-page SEO (the stuff the search engine spider-crawler-thingys see – yes, I believe that’s the official technical term).

If you can nail your website copy (the on-page stuff) in an SEO-loving way, then that means a whole host of good SEO-fairy dust is coming your way.

In all seriousness, if your web copy is engaging and persuasive then you’re going to keep people on your site longer and have a lower bounce rate. These are all good omens for SEO (and your business).

A good copywriter knows how to balance search engine optimised copy that uses keywords only as much as is natural*, and ensures the copy is persuasive and easy to read.

*Keyword stuffing is so last decade


5. Your spelling and grammar are appalling

If you don’t know when to use:

You’re or your;
There, they’re or their;
Than or then…

… Then it’s time to get a professional to write your copy for you. First impressions count. And if your website is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, then you’re not sending a positive message to your potential customers.



the i before e rule


6. You need to convert more customers (with persuasive writing that motivates)

Do you know the secret to converting more customers?


A copywriter does. A copywriter knows how to write persuasively to compel action – by choosing the right words to motivate the right people in the right way.


7. You want a distinctive and engaging brand personality

[tweet_dis]Your greatest differentiator is your brand’s distinctive and engaging personality[/tweet_dis]

Your personality is conveyed in your tone, your choice of words, your sentence structure. (And, of course, the other visual elements like your logo, fonts, and colours.)

A copywriter uses words to bring your brand personality to life. Be distinctive. Stand out. Offer your customers something unique, something they won’t get from your competitors – your brand personality!

And don’t worry, a good copywriter is skilled at writing in different tones and styles so they’ll be able to nail the brand personality you’re after.

Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken


8. You need an expert who can deliver results

So you want to increase newsletter sign-ups? You want customers to call for a quote? To book in a demo? To buy your product or service?

Whatever your objective, your copywriter will write for that specific goal. And they’ll write FOR your ideal customers. They know what to say, to the people you want to say it to, to drive the action you want.


9. You need attention-grabbing and engaging headlines

8 out of 10 people will only read your headline.

You know what that means? Yep, you guessed it.

You need better headlines.

A headline’s job is simple: it must grab attention, engage, excite, and compel the reader to read on…

That’s a big job for only about ten words. So those words had better be deployed with magical precision.

That’s where a copywriter comes in. Your favourite copywriter will craft a headline that’ll be so enticing (packed with promise and value) your readers will trip over themselves to read on.

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Just as you’d pay a designer to create your logo or a web developer to build your website, you need a copywriter to write your website or your marketing materials (it’s an investment in your business).

In the long run, it’s saving (and making) you money. Because you’re not spending your time writing, when you’ve got more important things to do. And your professionally written copy is generating more leads and sales from your ideal clients. Winning!


Hey there! I’m Mel Ellis. I’m a website copywriter. I work with entrepreneurs & small businesses that want to attract + convert their dream clients.  

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