Why You Should Start A Business Blog (The Top 5 Benefits)

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Content is king.

You’ve no doubt heard that phrase bandied about over the last few years. But is there any truth to it or is it just another fad?

Let’s take a closer look at why content just might truly be king (aka, why you should start a business blog!)


start a business blog



If you’re unsure whether you should start a blog for your business, these five benefits are sure to convince you to get blogging. So get off that fence, and start writing posts today.


Drives traffic to your site

So you have your website. But how do you get more traffic to it?

This isn’t Field of Dreams. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come.


Myth: If you build it, they will come.

Sure, you could hope that potential customers will find you via Google, or via your social media profiles. And maybe you even promote your website with Google Ads or social media ads.

But none of that is a guarantee of generating traffic. You want to find another way to get more people to your site. And one such way is by blogging – and promoting your posts on social media (free or paid).

And more traffic hopefully yields more leads and conversions. At the very least, more traffic gives you more opportunities for leads and conversions.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Several key SEO benefits come from blogging.

1. More pages on your site covering a particular topic area signal strongly to Google that your site is a resource for this field. It helps Google understand if someone is searching topic X, that your site is probably a relevant match.

For instance, you could have a couple of pages on your site optimised for variations of “graphic design” (maybe your homepage and services page). But if you also have a ton of blog posts about various graphic design principles, then you’re sending a strong message that your site is a good resource on that topic.

2. More traffic to your site (because people are visiting to read your blog content) signals to Google that you just might be a trusted and useful resource on a given topic.

3. Visitors reading blog content tend to stay on your site longer. Longer visit times suggest to Google that you have quality content.

It all comes back to relevance and quality. Google wants to dish up the best results for searchers, so it looks for indicators of relevant and quality content. You want to amp up your signals on both those fronts.


Builds your credibility + Establishes you as an expert and thought leader

How can you prove to customers and prospects that you know what your stuff? Or that your small business can deliver what you claim?

Simple. You blog about your field. Show your prospects and clients you know your stuff (and that you’re willing to share your knowledge and insights for FREE).

Blogging helps you develop a name for yourself in your field. Once you’ve mastered your business blog, you can start guest blogging to help get your name out to a wider audience.

Helps build a relationship with customers and prospects (likability)

What better way to showcase your (or your brand’s) personality than through your business blog?

We each have a unique writing style – our writing voice. This is an excellent way to attract (and repel!) potential customers. Customers reading your blog get to know you better and form a deeper understanding of you. Prospects also get to know you and assess whether you’re the kind of person they want to do business with.

In particular, with prospects, by blogging you can help them to make a decision about you. It could be that show of personality that adds an extra bit of differentiation and helps a prospect choose you over your competitors.

Plus, you’re sharing your knowledge and insights (and hopefully entertaining a bit!) for FREE, which helps you build goodwill with your audience.

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Acts as a lead magnet for sales

Have a signature service or particular product you want to promote or sell more of? If you write useful blog content on the topic, those blog posts can be used as a way to generate and capture leads.

Let’s see it in action.

Say you’re selling a course on writing sales pages. You write blog posts about different areas the course covers. E.g. a high-level overview of the sections needed on a sales page, sales page headline templates, effective call to actions on sales pages, and sales page copywriting formulas.

On each of these blog posts, you include a content upgrade (aka a lead magnet) – e.g. a checklist or guide. You capture leads’ email addresses when they grab the content upgrade. Then you start them on your automated email sequence – your sales funnel process – with the aim of selling them your course.

You can promote your blog posts through your social channels to drive traffic to the posts, as well as promoting the course directly on social too.



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People do business with people they know, people they like, and people they trust.

It’s the same for your business – you can make your business seem like a person (if it’s not already named after you) through your business blog.


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