Website Copywriting

Turn your website visitors into paying clients
You’re not making more sales through your website?
Your traffic isn’t growing?
You’re not getting any love from Google?
Having a killer website is about more than just the design and user experience

Sure, those things count. But if your words are sending all the wrong messages – to your customers and the search engines – then your website isn’t doing its job.


That’s why you need compelling, optimised words for your site:


  • Words that help you attract and convert your dream clients.
  • Words that communicate perfectly with the search engines (so your clients can find you).

With your Website Copywriting Package, you get:

Your choice of:
3 or 5 pages (or a custom amount), up to 400-600 words per page, of compelling, optimised copy

To make sure you get copy that sends the perfect message (and compels and converts your dream customers):

Copywriting project questionnaire

You tell me everything about your business so I get to know all the ins & outs

60-minute project briefing

(by phone or Skype)

We talk through your questionnaire + I ask you a tonne of questions so I get to know your biz almost as well as you do


Background research

(customers, competitors, industry)
I discover what motivates your customers + sets you apart from your competition


2 rounds of revisions

So you’ll get the best copy possible
And, to help you get found online (the SEO-goodness):

Keyword research

To make sure you’re targeting the best keywords for each page

Headings (H1) and sub-heads (H2)

To help your SEO-efforts and make your copy easy to read

Page title tags and meta descriptions

To entice customers to click on your site and help your SEO

I take all those ideas that are knocking around in your head,
and craft them into a clear and concise message that
tells your story – the right way with the right words

After sending Mel my initial brief, I was pleasantly surprised by how much she already knew about me and my business. It was obvious that she took the time to get to know me, my goals and my brand. And after our briefing, she presented me with beautiful copy that perfectly captured the essence of my business – no heavy edits or revision required.

I’m now receiving more enquiries and bookings from the clients that I want. Everything they need to know and every question they have, it’s in the copy. All they do now is simply book – it’s so easy.

Lorna van Hilst

Owner, Lorna van Hilst Photography


With a web copy package, you get words crafted to connect with your customers and the search engines

Your choice of 3 packages:

Pay half now, and half later
You pay 50% when you book and the remaining 50% when you receive the final version of your website copy
(or 14 days after the first draft is submitted – whichever comes first)

Are you a solopreneur or small business?

Do you need to attract and convert more customers?

Do you need to get more love from the search engines?

If you’re just getting started, or your website isn’t working hard enough for you, a web copy package is ideal for you.

Because you know the cost and all the inclusions up front, you can budget and plan like a boss.

website copywriting

1. We confirm project scheduling
I’ll let you know when I can schedule your project (and the revision schedule we’ll both need to commit to). If the timing works for you, we can lock in your booking.

2. You’ll pay 50% of your package fee.
Your booking is officially confirmed when your deposit is paid. I am unable to commence any work until you pay your deposit.

3. You complete your copywriting questionnaire.

4. We conduct your project briefing via phone or Skype.

5. I write the first draft of your copy.

6. You have two rounds of revisions (so you see three versions of the copy all up).

7. Your project is finalised, and you pay the remaining 50% package fee.


Do I have to pay in full upfront?

No! You pay 50% upfront and the remaining 50% when you receive the final draft of the copy (or 14 days after the first draft is submitted – whichever comes first).

Your booking is tentative until you confirm it by paying your 50% deposit.

I’ll let you know when I can schedule your project before you pay your deposit. So if the timing doesn’t work for you, then you haven’t paid a cent yet. All good!

What if I don’t love the first draft of the copy?

No problem. You get two rounds of revisions, so we’ve got plenty of opportunities to nail the copy. At every step of the project, YOU approve the information I have and the direction of your copywriting project.

With two rounds of revisions, that means you ultimately get three versions of your web copy. The first draft, the second draft, and the third (and final) version.

Why can’t I just write the words myself?

Good question. A copywriter is trained in the art and science of writing words that drive action. We know how to write to motivate particular people and to elicit particular responses.

You can save a lot of time, and make more money faster, if you hire a professional copywriter to write the words that will sell your business.

How long till I get my shiny new web copy?

Two-three weeks (so long as you stick to the revision timeline).

I’ll give you a schedule when you make your booking (because the schedule changes depending on which web package you purchase).

Do I get to pick the webpages you write?

Yep, you choose the pages you want written.

At a bare minimum, I’d suggest a home page, about page, and a product/service overview page. But it’s entirely up to you.

What’s SEO and why should I care about it?

SEO = search engine optimisation

With SEO, you’re telling the search engines what your site and pages are about. When the search engines know what you have to offer, then they can match your site with user searches.

And you want more potential customers to find your site, right?

Can I get a refund?

You can only get a refund if you cancel your booking before we’ve started any work.

If you cancel the project once work has started, you forfeit your 50% deposit.

Why? Because I’ve already started working on your project, and the bulk of the work is completed by the time I give you the first draft.

Ready to supercharge your website?

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