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Imagine knowing your words on the web are just right…

Any of these sound like you?


Writing is not your thing. It takes you ages to get a draft you’re happy with.


When you write about yourself and your biz - the words are wrong. They feel forced. And icky. So not you.


And writing to attract AND convert your dream clients? You don’t even know where to start.


You wish someone else could just write the right words for you.


Then you’re in the right place. Because I can help you with that.

Take a load off, and let me do the writing for you.


Hi, I’m Mel Ellis

I believe every online biz owner needs to make their words work for them.
Your online biz is a potential gold mine. But only if you gear every part of it for success.

Killer copy will skyrocket your biz growth.


I’m a web copywriter & content writer. I work with you to craft the right words for your website, blog, and social media content. That’s right; I’m focussed solely on helping you succeed online.


I’ll help you get clarity on your message and communicate authentically with your audience so:

your words on the web will captivate + compel + convert your dream clients


Time to crack a bottle of champagne and do a happy dance…


Everyone hates those cringeworthy, cliched words and phrases that businesses use to sound professional, serious, and formal. Bleh! They just come out sounding like robots.


But not you…

You want something different for your biz. You want to sound like a real-live-human. You want to believe in what your words are saying.


Because you know when your words are singing the right tune, your biz is in harmony and your work is oh-so-fun.


You’ll stand out from the crowd of ‘same-same’, ‘me-toos’. I’ll help you with words that reflect your natural and legit brand voice + personality. Your clients will be knocking down your virtual door – because they want to work with the sensational human (that’s you).


No more losing leads and missing conversions. Because your words are selling for you, drawing in those dream clients + growing your biz like crazy. Winning!


Are you ready to ramp up your online biz growth? Then you’re in the right place.

Let’s craft your winning words on the web.


I'm really grateful I found you!

Working with Mel on my blog has been a great experience.

She is gifted in pulling out the essence of my posts and making them highly readable online. It helps my writing process as it frees me to just write knowing Mel will provide the editing the posts need.

She is prompt and professional and I feel grateful I found her.

Marielle Berg

Owner, Bay Area DBT & Couples Counseling Centre

I learnt a lot of new and helpful information in our hour together!

Mel's Check Yo' Site service is incredible.

She took the time to understand me and my business before our meeting. She has wonderful attention to detail and her analysis of my website was so thorough.

The best part for me was that for every suggestion she made, she explained the reason behind it. I learnt a lot of new and helpful information in our hour together!

Mel is a lot of fun to work with, she made the whole experience enjoyable (which is not always the case when someone is analysing the hard work you've put into your website!).

I would definitely recommend getting your website checked by Mel!

Carrie Rigoni

Owner, Wild & Free Boxes


  • My full name is Melissa Ellis. But I prefer Mel. You’ll find me as Melissa Ellis on LinkedIn – everywhere else I go by Mel.
  • A Sydney girl, born and bred.
  • Italy is my favourite country. It’s got all the greats: coffee, wine, food, people, Venice, natural + historic sights. And gelato. Never forget about gelato.
  • I’m a voracious reader; I read 66 books in 2016. And I love to binge-watch shows on Netflix.
  • A green thumb runs in my family, and the older I get the more I love to garden. I’m a self-described ‘sometimes-successful-gardener’.
  • The best flavour potato chips? Plain/original/sea salt (different brand, different naming convention!) My appreciation for plain chips grows ever greater as I age.
  • I make the best Banoffee Pie known to man. Seriously.
Mel Ellis Melissa Ellis web copywriter

I learned so much about writing effective copy for my audience

My site audit with Mel was a great experience.

I learned so much about writing effective copy for my audience and the way that my site needed to function in order to make sense to users.

Mel provided some really helpful tips about ways to increase conversions and build confidence. And got my copy tight!

I highly recommend Mel's skills and experience. It was well worth spending the time with her. Thanks, Mel!

Gemma Thomson

Owner, Dung Beetles for Dogs

I'm over the full moon with it all!

The copy is outstanding - it says all that it needs to say and totally exceeded my expectations. Mel was able to capture the absolute essence of my business, with the perfect tone.

Working with Mel feels like a solid, friendly partnership. She's prompt and efficient - she just gets it done! And she was always willing to offer ideas and suggestions for all aspects of my business and marketing.

If you need a copywriter, I'd definitely recommend Mel. I was so satisfied with her copy and enjoyed the experience so much, I’ve worked with her on several projects now!

Skye Flowstreym

Owner, Skye Flowstreym

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